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OBD Remapping 
OBD Remapping - Special Offer price - for a limited time only!


Tri Core Remapping 
Tri Core Remapping


OBD Re-Mapping at LTM Motors, Parkgate, Rotherham

Engine Re-Mapping for Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and the rest of South Yorkshire

Nowadays, nearly all vehicles are installed with On Board Diagnostics. This OBD, also known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) can be described as being the brain of the vehicle. The ECU takes information from sensors throughout the engine and uses it to manage the amount and timing of fuel being introduced into the engine.

Mechanic checking reading on laptop computer connected to car engine

Re-Mapping your car's ECU can provide significant increases in performance and fuel efficiency. This is done by fine tuning the parameters set by the manufacturer allowing them to perform at their optimum for your use of the vehicle. Manufacturers produce ECU profiles that try to fit the average of road conditions across their market. But driving through the winter snow of Scandinavia is very different to driving down along the coast of Southern Spain. We at LTM can adjust the parameters of your car or vans ECU profile allowing you to get the absolute best performance from your vehicle.

Some of the types of ECU profile we can adjust are:

  • OBD & Tri-Core Remaps
  • Launch Control
  • Popcorn / Hardcut Limiters
  • VAG hot start fix
  • Stage 1 2 or 3
  • P-code removal
  • EGR deletes
  • We also offer complete DPF solutions from re-gens to replacements.
  • We only use genuine tools and software

With people bringing vehicles in from all over South Yorkshire to re-map their engines, bringing them to their full potential, it shows our reputation is growing. Why not give us try and find out what you could have been driving all this time?

For more information, call us on 01709 710600 or send us a message using the form on the Contact page

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